Sherron here, I am the owner of Motivation Graphics and here is a little about how I got started.

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I read something another Graphic Designer wrote that describes why I started Motivation Graphics;  "I love to design, it's fun, I want your design to look great because it makes me feel great and it pays my bills".  I can add one thing to that statement — a great design makes you (the client) feel great too.

My graphic design career started in the corporate world at Canada Packers Inc. one of Canada’s largest corporations (now Maple Leaf Foods) using Desktop Publishing software when DTP was in its infancy in corporate Toronto. From the late-eighties to the doorstep of the new millennium I expanded my computer graphic abilities through professional graphic arts and design development courses, plus learning from in-depth marketing design literature. My natural abilities come from being a multi-media artist and oil painter.

I moved to the position of Marketing / Graphic Designer for a mid-size office furniture manufacturer north of Toronto. I loved this job as I helped them start their graphic design department, designed and created all their marketing materials including brochures, price lists, price booklets, flyers, ad campaigns, logos, product drawings, etc.

On a number of occasions I worked closely with professional photographers to create furniture layout photography for use in the company's advertising - great fun and very enlightening.

In 1999, my husband and I made a complete change by deciding to move to the Niagara Region where we owned and I operated a bed and breakfast for a number of years. During that time I continued doing some graphic design by creating my own b&b website, letterhead and logo plus continuing with photography and oil painting.

I prefaced my return to professional design by donating marketing and creative skills to local associations for the production of their brochures and advertising.